Nursery Rhymes

We’ve been having some very sunny weather in London over the last couple of days. its been hot in that way that makes you not wanna wear any clothes, so I thought it’d be a good idea to wear black booties, with socks and a black turban. IT WAS NOT!!!!! but that aside, I just love this dress. The colors are just lovely, and its such a fun piece that it doesn’t really need much else to make a great outfit, and i think we’ve ascertained that i like that in my clothes. On another note, does anybody else get the kindergarten reference on this outfit??  The rara layers, ankle socks and ridiculously bright colors make me think of a 5 year old me. Only thing missing is pigtails

I decided to try rainbow nails. And its not like I didn’t have bright colors, I just couldn’t commit so I added black, to the rainbow. I know, totally defeats the whole point of the RAINBOW!!!!!!! I would say i’ll do it properly next time, but in all honesty, I like my nails to be the same color. Dress is from CJAJ09, ankle boots from Ebay.

Hope everyone is having a lovely, sunny week like I am. Sending lots of love your way!!!!

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