Hi there and welcome to my blog. I love fashion and I am very proud of my African roots. combine the two and my baby was born, and by baby I mean on-line clothing store which specialises in African Print ladies wear known as CJAJ09, (I know the name isn’t in anyway African or fashion-y, but there’s a story behind it and maybe I’ll tell it one day).  So basically this blog is my special place where i will share what is in my store, what I’m wearing and what other African fashionistas around me are wearing. Enjoy my little slice of Africa. And feel free to comment or to drop me an email at myafricancloset@gmail.com.



  1. I just came across your blog and glad I did. I was born and raised in Ghana but living in the UK now so I always get excited when I find African/black bloggers. The prints on that dress is beautiful. I’m def gonna snoop around your shop and hopefully will find something. I look forward to reading your future posts and hope we get to know each other.


  2. Wow! I did not even need to read your profile to know that you are a fashion designer and so into fashion! From the few posts i have read, just concluded that Your style is really bold! I love it though. Just discovered your blog. Awesome i must confess.

  3. Hi AJ< I think you have such a lovely blog and style and always look forward to your new posts, I have nominated you for a Shine On and Versatile Blog Award, follow the link to see what you need to here:http://wp.me/p1D4f0-lz. I hope you will do it. Thanks, YaaLia @ yaalia.wordpress.com

  4. I came across your blog recently through pin interest, and I really love your style and how you embrace your culture through fashion. I’m from Nigeria myself and I love all types of traditional wear. It would be really nice if you could take a look at my blog I just recently started it and I’d love feedback from a fashionista like you! http://www.lifewithlamz.com

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