Pretty Preppy

Pretty Preppy- My African Closet

On my school girl vibes

Hello lovelies,

How is everyone doing? And of you ‘grownups’ ever miss school? Well, I for one don’t, but apparently sometimes my wardrobe does. I’m not quite sure how this look happened. All I know is I wanted to wear this gorgeous full skirted midi dress, but to give it less of of a dresses up vibe, I decided to cover up the shoulders with this short sleeved button down. I’ve recently discovered that I like my short sleeves even shorter, so I roll them up even more. Adds a nice edge to an otherwise simple piece. Because I had rather an awful lot of running around to do this particular day, heels had to be put on hold. As soon as I put on these flat cutout booties, I felt like a little girl on her way to school, so it made total sense to finish the look off with a satchel. And now, I feel like the cutest girl  in school on the first day of term. If I had long hair, the temptation to have styled it in pigtails would have been unbearably strong. Is anybody else’s dress up process this unserious?

Pretty Preppy- My African Closet Pretty Preppy- My African Closet Pretty Preppy- My African Closet Pretty Preppy- My African Closet

Dress- House of Ankara, Shirt- M&S, Shoes- Ebay, Bag- Cambridge Satchel Company

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.

Almost a dress

Almost dress- My African Closet

The dress that never was

Hey lovelies,

Hope you’re all doing well. Tell me, do you ever get a look in your mind and just can’t shake it until you’ve worn it? That’s what happened here. I woke up and felt like I just had to wear a long dress, but I wasn’t really feeling any of the dresses I already had so I did the only logical thing, I took a maxi skirt and a bustier top that I had in the same fabric and pinned them together. Talk about improvising. Lol. Anyway, I never noticed before, but I love this deep shade of blue. It’s hot!! And there you have it, my remix deep blue dress. And I like the contrast with the pink  lipstick. I was with some friends and we drove past a playground so we decided to stop and recapture some of our childhood. A very big thank you to my friend, Peter Fynn, who takes my pictures for the blog sometimes.

Almost dress- My African Closet Almost dress- My African Closet Almost dress- My African Closet Almost dress- My African Closet

Dress- (Skirt- PrintCloset on Etsy, Top-House of Ankara), Shoes- Ebay, Jewelry- Primark. 

Thanks for dropping by guys. Hope your week is great and full of colour. Love, AJ


M.O.B- My African Closet

The mother of the bride

Hello Lovelies,

The classic dress and jacket combo, once a wardrobe staple for glamorous ladies of all ages and stages, has now been relegated to nothing more than a mother of the bride look and even in that arena, its starting to fade out of relevance. I do think that is very sad and that’s where the inspiration for this look started. I wanted to design and create a look that was classic and elegant but still had a youthful twist. So I decided the fabric had to be bold and modern and fresh. I love this kente print fabric. Kente, in my mind, is very regal and classic but this particular take on it is very bold and fresh. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you would be familiar with this print as its one I use a lot. See more post with this fabric here, here and here

M.O.B- My African Closet M.O.B- My African Closet M.O.B- My African Closet M.O.B- My African Closet

Dress and Coat- PrintCloset on Etsy, Shoes- Ebay

Hope you all had a great weekend, especially my American family. Hope your 4th July weekend was as amazing as all the posts on instagram looked. Thanks for dropping by.


Black, white and co

stripes and triangles6

It was supposed to be an all over black and white look

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you all had a great start to your week. This look initially started off as an attempt to put together a simple black and white look for a memorial service that just veered way off course.But, oh well. I’ve been dying for an opportunity to wear this skirt for a while so I was very happy to be able too finally rock it. I love the bold faux leather waistband and the high-low cut of the skirt. Perfect, summer skirt me thinks. I paired it with my favourite stripe top and finished it off with my trusted Primark pumps. I recently cleared out my shoe closet and I’m now down to like 3 heels, a pair wedges, 3 flats and two sneakers. It’s crazy having to readjust to life with what actually feels like no shoes. And I’m going to try my absolute best to not buy any new pairs for a while. This could just challenge me to come up with different ways to style my shoes, or I could just become lazy and wear the same pair of black flats all the time. Or, third option, just start dying and re-dying my shoes. lol. We’ll see how that goes.

stripes and triangles7 stripes and triangles4 stripes and triangles10 stripes and triangles11

Skirt- Swatson’s for Zuvaa, Top- SES, Shoes- Primark

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your week

Midi Maxi


When your long skirt isn’t quiet long

Hey there lovelies

Hope you are all ok. Its been a while right? As you all know, summer is time for maxi skirts. Personally, I don’t get it, because I think maxi skirts are actually perfect for fall. But anyway, I love me a long flowy  sweep-the-floor-behind-me-skirt, but I have to say, lately I have been loving me anything that is ankle length. I wanted a maxi skirt with a slight difference so I decided to cut me a slightly oval shape that hits at my ankle. I do love this skirt and the nice shape accentuates my non-existent hour glass figure. Plus I needed to make an outfit happen in 5 minutes and with this skirt it was quiet simple. I just added a jumper and heels, et voila!!


Skirt- Swatsons for Zuvaa, Top- Warehouse, Shoes- Ebay. 

Enjoy your week loves, and thanks for dropping by.