Take 2


First summer and then Winter

Hello lovelies,

I hope January has been good to you all so far. You might remember this dress and jacket combo from last summer. I absolutely loved rocking and I immediately started to think of different ways in which I could style it. If you remember, the last outfit post with this dress was very mother of the bride, summer wedding inspired. Check  that out here. This time, I wanted to give it a preppy but still edgy vibe for winter so I decided to add a white button down shirt and a pair of fringe high heeled booties. It was raining and dark when we took these photos so I only managed to get a few good shots and you can’t even see the fringe detail on the boots properly. So i’m hoping the next time I shoot these boots, i can give you a better look at them.

DSCF6207DSCF6208DSCF6209 1

Dress and Coat- Ankara House, Shirt- M&S, Boots- Asos

So tell me, which look do you prefer, winter or summer? Thanks for dropping by and have a great week. AJ


It’s a love affair


Because yellow has my heart

Hello lovelies,

So if you’ve been following for a while you will be aware of my love affair with yellow. I was invited to host a networking dinner over the holiday season that just passed and as always, I left my outfit till the absolute last minute. This jumpsuit is actually a sample for a new collection that I’m working on, but I was feeling something bold and a little unexpected for a formal evening event and I felt it was just perfect. I absolutely loved the blue details on it. I decided to keep the print details vibe going by pairing it with this cape-ish blazer that was also yellow with print details. The yellows are different shades but they still came together beautifully. Oh, and did you notice the face beat. You guys know that I don’t really wear make up, but I have to give a special shout out to my girls; Angela, Ghislaine and Rhoda for beating my face so beautifully. I can honestly say, I have never felt my self as much as I was feeling myself with this make up on. Now I understand why people love taking selfies so much, I mean when your face is this beat, you just have to take as many pictures as possible. Unfortunately for me, because I was on hosting duties, I wasn’t able to do a proper outfit shoot. Thankfully, my girl Angela took a few shots while we were waiting for our car to arrive and then the official event photographers also captured a few on me during the night so that’s all I have for you guys.


Jumpsuit- Swatson’s Blazer-Ankara House, Shoes- Ebay

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Sticking out


2016, Not the year to blend in


Wow, the cycle begins all over again. Its a new year. Hope you are all doing well and excited for the new year. I love this look that I wore towards the end of last year. The mix of peplum and the sleeves add such dimension to a look that would have otherwise been quite normal. I decided to add a shirt underneath it to keep me warm, winterize the two piece and also to make it more edgy. What do you guys think? Did I succeed in egdy-ing it up


Top and trouser set- Ankara House, Shoes- Primark, Shirt- Zara

Thank you guys so much for dropping by. All the best for the new year. God richly bless you guys for joining me and staying with me so far on this journey. Hope you stick around for more. Here’s to an exciting 2016. Lot’s of love, AJ

I like big trousers

My African Closet

And I cannot lie!!

Hello lovelies.

So if you saw my previous post, then you know we love big print trousers for winter around here. I wanted to share with you another pair that I’ve been abusing this winter. These babies are actually just about a year old, I first made and wore them last new year’s eve, and I just loved them. They are super roomy, which means I can rock a whole other pair of trousers underneath them, and the silhouette of the pants themselves is so cool to me. I actually made these babies in  the style of the traditional Indian salwar pants and I love them. I have been totally abusing them this year and I intend too wear them out in 2016 too. I think it might be time to make myself a few more pairs.

DSCF5566My African ClosetMy African Closet    DSCF5564DSCF5567

Trousers- DIY, Blazer- Ankara House, Shirt- M&S, Boots- Ebay         Bag- Ebay

So, it’s Christmas week. Wow, can you believe it? Anyway, I hope you have a great Christmas, or Hanukkah (well, had in this case) or kwanzaa or whatever else you are celebrating. Lots of love, AJ

Fall Palazzo

DSC08776 (1)

Because, cold weather and hidden layers 

Hello Lovelies,

The colder it gets, the harder it is to stay stylish. In the winter, it’s all about layers and stylish outerwear or you freeze to death. But sometimes, I want my actual clothes themselves to be stylish and warm without all the bulk of layers or a huge coat. Which is why I’m currently loving wide leg and palazzo pants. Now normally, these pants are more spring and summer appropriate, but I love that I can rock essentially a whole other pair of trousers, in this case, some thick knit leggings, underneath them and they do not look bulky. This is because, palazzo pants and most other “summer” pants normally tend to be made from quiet lightweight fabric. So if you have a pair that is wide enough, you can rock a totally different pair of trousers underneath and the “summer fabric pants” will just glide over those. Do however look out for pulling around the groin area. That takes care of warmth on your lower body. A thick warm jumper should handle warmth on your upper body, and you’re good to go.

DSC08782 (1)DSC08787 (1)DSC08791 (1)My African Closet- fall styleDSC08777 (1)

Trousers- Ankara House, Jumper- Primark, Shirt- H&M, Booties- Ebay

Thanks for dropping by and have a fantastic week.