Black and white is King

Welcome to a new week my loves. So for all my love of bold prints and colours, the classic black and white colour combo remains dear to my heart. I will rock a bold colourful look any day, as you guys know but I do also love me a classic black and white look. I feel like its a great background to pile on all the personality you want, and it’ll never go out of style so really, what’s not to like. Actually, my office decor is mainly back and white. you’ll have seen sneak peeks if you follow me on instagram.

My African Closet- Black and white with colourMy African Closet- African print skirtMy African Closet- Black and white African printMy African closet- Black and whiteMy African Closet- Black and white skirt

Skirt- Ankara House, Top- New Look, Shoes- Primark, Bag- Ankara House

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your week. And do tell me,whats a colour combo or palette that you’re secretly in love with

Shift it.


Cos I’m wearing a shift dress and I can’t think of a title

Hey Lovelies,

Hope you are all doing well and having a great summer so far. I am back with another simple look that I totally enjoyed rocking. On a sunny day in England, I got to rock this simple but gorgeous dress that I designed. I wanted the look to be simple but have a fun element so I decided to pair it with a pair of pink chunky platforms to quirk it up. These platforms are super comfortable and I was very free to move about and do as I needed to that day. I do love a good comfortable outfit, and it seems these days, you can’t have a good well put together outfit that is also comfortable but I refuse to accept an either or situation. I’ll have it both ways please.


Dtess- AnkaraHouse, Shoes- Ebay, Earrings- Primark

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy your week


Summer Casj


Sun’s out and style’s laidback

Hello lovelies,

Hope this summer has been good to you so far. We are having some really great weather here in the UK lately. it comes and goes but when it comes, it comes really hard, and I for one have been enjoying running around when the sun’s out. Unfortunately, with my schedule nowadays, I can’t really dress up much. So my new uniform is print bottoms and t-shirts. I really am trying to dress up but does anybody else get serious style fatigue when it gets hot? Or is that just me? Anyway, here’s me doing extremely easy summer style.

_DSC0546_DSC0553My African Closet-summer outfit_DSC0559_DSC0554

Skirt- Ankara House, Bag, Ankara House, T-Shirt- IWT, Brogues-Ebay

Enjoy your week and thanks for dropping by.



Duster Duster


Because I have a long print coat

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all. And enjoying the onset of spring. I’m glad to share this slightly different take on a print mix look. Normally, when I mix prints I look for similar patterns or colours. But another great principle to use when mixing prints is to go for one really basic subdued print and use it as a background for a much bolder print. The print on this trousers is very small and repetitive so it doesn’t really pop at all. And I subdued the print even more, by pairing it with a white shirt, making the white background really stand out over the print. With all that white as the background, I could add a much bigger print without causing a clash that is too jarring.


Coat- Ankara House, Trousers- Ankara House, Shirt- Primark, Booties- Ebay

So what do you think, will you be trying this principle? Do share your pictures if yu do, and if you’re not doing so already, follow me on instagram.

The Inbetween


Because the weather is still undecided


Hello Lovelies.

So spring is officially here. But the weather is in that confused state where it can be warm one minute and chilly the next. So we’re basically having to dress for two seasons everyday. And if that’s not going well for you, I have a simple solution today. Fun colourful prints that are spring appropriate paired with lightweight knits and over sized blazers. It’s perfect, I tell you. The prints say, yaay new season and the knits and blazers are perfect because when it’s warm, you’re not sweaty and uncomfortable and when the temperatures drop, you’re not freezing cold. Plus, together they are so stylish.


Skirt- Ankara House, Knit top- Primark, Blazer- Thrifted, Boots- Ebay

Thanks for dropping by, and do share how you deal with the confusing weather at the beginning of spring. Enjoy the new season. God bless you.