I am very unsure about  doing this post considering the current events in London and the rest of the UK. I was going to do this post yesterday but ended  up putting it of till now. I live very close to some off the affected areas in the South of London, and the fear, shock and anticipation enough is killing me. Two night ago, shops on my road, which normally stay open till 2 am closed around 2 pm. No exaggeration. I really don’t want to start venting but for now let me just say that its scary how quickly this senseless thuggery has spread. Thank  God it seems to be quieting down tonight (one of my excuses for finally allowing myself to post).  And if I know one thing from my 7 years spent in the UK, its that we’ll find a way to bounce back. For now, those based in the UK who wanna help follow RIOTCLEANUP ON TWITTER or contact your local councils. 

I took these pictures last weekend. And there’s something to say about each piece. First shoes; easily my favorite pair of shoes but  almost impossible to walk in. After an hour, i’m almost always ready to let them go but I always keep them on for a few more hours. Its like the only pair of shoes I’d put up with nonsense for. Chinos; initially bought for my dad last year but due to a few inconveniences, never managed to get it to him so here we go. yup, I like to wear a lot of men’s clothing. A few sizes too big for me which also means it creases very easily, as you can see, but I like this awkward fit. Shirt; also men’s. Bought that for myself. It was just a plain white shirt till I saw Nicole over at Garypeppervintage in a white shirt with a sheer top. I’m sure you can work the rest out. Bag; thrifted. And trust me, you would not believe how ridiculously cheap this beauty is. Its actually a scarlet red but the camera makes it look kinda pinkish. Suspenders; 3 years old and good to go another 3.

Hope everyone is having a good week and please keep the UK in your prayers.

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