Hump This

Hump This - My African Closet_1Good morning Lovelies,

Just a quick burst of colour to brighten up your week and help you get over the mid week slump, if you’re in one. That’s one of the good things about all the colour in my wardrobe,  keeps me always cheerful. It’s hard to be sad when you’re wearing super colourful clothing.  lol.

Hump This- My African Closet_144946_1Hump This - My African Closet


Top- H&M,  Skirt- CJAJ09.  

Well, hope you’re having a colourful week like me. Thanks for dropping by and God bless you. AJ

Striking the balance.

Striking- My African Closet Hello Lovelies,

As I grow, I find myself gravitating towards bolder prints and brighter colours, which I suppose is a bit atypical,  but in terms of silhouettes,  I’m preferring cleaner, simpler and more classic. Its at times very confusing; as though the prints and colours want to pull me forward whilst the silhouettes tell me to look to the past. Or maybe its the other way round. This has, off late become my life and design philosophy as well. Old, yet still new.  Classic but quirky. Neutral at the same time very bold. Clean lines and tailoring meet bright colours and crazy prints. This outfit is a particular instant where this philosophy came together really well. Starting with the top, remove the print and its a nice black, white or maybe brown peplum top.  Would make a nice classy outfit with white or black trousers right? But with the prints,  its suddenly much bolder on its own, takes on a totally different dimension.  Pair it with those white trousers and the look is at once, classic,  fresh and very striking.  Don’t you think?

Striking-My African ClosetStriking- My African ClosetDSC01737

Top- CJAJ09 Trousers- H&M 

Sorry about the long paragraph.  Sometimes it happens.  Also, still blogging from my phone so sorry if the pictures aren’t great. Enjoy the rest of the week and thanks for dropping by. AJ

Preppy Messy

Messy Preppy My African Closet-09-58_1Happy Monday Lovelies,

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Just a quick one today.  Wore this outfit last week sunday and it was literally a case of throw on whatever you grab and go. This is the reason why I stock my wardrobe with loads of bold print pencil skirts.  They are so easy to style and are perfect for when you have two minutes to get out of the house. This particular skirt got so many compliments. I think its the combination of a bold print, simple silhouette and cute but quirky peplum.

Preppy Messy- My African ClosetIMG_0698 1 (1)_1

Top- ASOS SKIRT – Boots – Ebay

Thanks for dropping by.  Enjoy your week, And please excuse the weird picture quality. blogging from my phone these days

Midi Modesty

Maybe Modesty- My African ClosetHello Lovelies,

Hope you are all enjoying the month of May so far. I’m currently loving the midi length trend and as you can see here, I’m taking it to absolute extremes.  I think I might actually prefer this awkward length to the more normal midi lengths that hit just beneath the knee. This style of skirt is very modest and ladylike so I had to mess it up a bit with the leather and low cut neckline. And then to really throw it off: no, not classic pumps but bright blue boots. lol, so that overall,  the look is just an attempt at modesty.  Anyway,  how do you take your midi lengths, awkward at the ankle or classic at the calf.Midi Modesty - My African Closet

Midi Modesty - My African Closet Midi Modesty - My African Closet


DRESS – CJAJ09.COM, Shoes-Ebay

Thank you all so much fo dropping by and reading the blog. Enjoy the rest of the week.  God bless you


Geometry in Kente- My African ClosetHello Lovelies.

Its been a while and life had been a bit hectic over the past month, but I’m not complaining. I’ve basically been unable to shoot any outfits in a long time, mainly because most of my clothes are in storage at the moment so I’m essentially living in jeans and tshirts at the moment. Anyway, I thought I’d share this look from my new kente collection in the meantime, so you know I’m still thinking of you.

Geometry in Kente- My African ClosetGeometry in Kente- My African ClosetGeometry in Kente- My African Closet


Dress- CJAJ09, Shoes- Aldo

Gotta run. Hope you are having a great week. God bless you and thanks for dropping by.