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Lil’ Red

Lil Red- My African Closet

Little Red riding through the hood

Hello my lovelies,

Spring is finally here in London. And I’m loving waking up to deceptively sunny¬†mornings and cherry blossom trees. Its making me wear even more bright colours. I’m also really feeling wide leg trousers and cocoonish coats at the moment, as you can see from this and my last post, not really sure why. Despite the sun, its still quite chilly in London, so I decided to pair a favourite pair of bold pink print wide leg trousers with a bright red coat, because red and pink is just such a perfect combination, don’t you think? Plus this look in my head, invokes all the cuteness of a modern day little red riding hood, except this one will probably stomp the fox’s head into the ground

Lil Red- My African Closet Lil Red- My African Closet Lil Red- My African Closet Lil Red- My African Closet

Trousers- Ankarahouse, Shirt- H&M, Jacket- Wallis, Briefcase- Steffano

Hope you enjoyed the look and have a great week. AJ


YELLO!- My African Closet

Loud colours and screaming prints!

Hello lovelies,

Hope everyone had a great Easter break. I know spring, for most people is all about pastels but my I’m currently feeling a lot bolder, so I just had to get out this cocoon jacket and pair it with a crazy bright pair of pants, yes, bright yellow wide leg trousers. Because, why not!?! Now, I need a pair of fuchsia pink pants, then I’ll be ready for summer. Because, once again, why not?

YELLO!- My African Closet YELLO!- My African Closet YELLO!- My African Closet YELLO!- My African Closet

Coat- Swatsons by CJAJ09, Trousers- Swatsons by CJAJ09, Bag- Adorn, Top- Warehouse

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the rest of the week. AJ

Bawse Lady

Bawse-Lady- My African Closet

To womanhood and strength

Happy Monday Lovelies,

I have a very long essay planned in my head to go with this post but I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone think right now so I’ll just say a happy belated International Women’s Day to every female reading this post. We are strong and beautiful, we are smart and gentle, we are leaders and backbones, we are whatever we want to be whenever we want to be it. We have the power to create life and ability to sustain and nurture it. We are WOMEN!!

Bawse-Lady- My African Closet Bawse-Lady- My African ClosetBawse-Lady- My African ClosetBawse-Lady- My African Closet

Skirt- House of Ankara, Shirt- Primark, Bag- PrintCloset, Shoes- Primark, Blazer- House of Ankara

To all the bawse ladies and boss ladies out there. Love from my heart! Thanks for dropping by, my lovelies. Have a brilliant week.


Moments- My African Closet

like heeyyyyy guuurrll

Happy New Month lovelies

I love this outfit because when i put it on and stood in front of the mirror, I had a ‘moment’. You know, when you look at yourself in the mirror and think, ‘hey girl’. Lol. There isn’t really anything too spectacular about the outfit, except I think it just fits. It fits together and it fits me. I think its the skirt, its the skirt. lol. Let’s just say I was feeling myself that day.

Moments- My African Closet Moments- My African Closet Moments- My African Closet Moments- My African Closet

Skirt- AnkaraHouse, Shoes- Primark, Jumper- Warehouse

Anyway, I loved my moment and I wanted to share it with you guys so I hope you enjoyed it too. Have a great week and thanks for dropping by. AJ

Girl Suit

Girl suit- My African Closet

Not everyday Menswear Inspired

Hello my lovelies,

Thanks for dropping in yet again. Since the beginning of the new year, I’ve been wearing a lot of suit-ish kind of looks. I’m currently favouring full skirts and blazers, or in this case, vests. Something about the freeing femininity of the full skirt combined with the strength of a fitted blazer is doing it for me right now. And because I like my full skirts very full and my fitted blazers very fitted on the waist, I end up with a very hourglass-y shape. I wanted too offset the “girly-ness” with typical guy suit elements, hence the tie and the button down. So there you have it, my girl suit. lol. Combine that with my haircut, which according to my mother makes me look like a guy, and you have a positively androgynous look. My mother doesn’t approve of this, mind you.

Girl suit- My African Closet Girl suit- My African Closet Girl suit- My African Closet Girl suit- My African Closet

Vest- CJAJ09, Skirt- CJAJ09, Shoes- Aldo, Shirt- M&S

Have a great week lovelies.