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Black, white and co

stripes and triangles6

It was supposed to be an all over black and white look

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you all had a great start to your week. This look initially started off as an attempt to put together a simple black and white look for a memorial service that just veered way off course.But, oh well. I’ve been dying for an opportunity to wear this skirt for a while so I was very happy to be able too finally rock it. I love the bold faux leather waistband and the high-low cut of the skirt. Perfect, summer skirt me thinks. I paired it with my favourite stripe top and finished it off with my trusted Primark pumps. I recently cleared out my shoe closet and I’m now down to like 3 heels, a pair wedges, 3 flats and two sneakers. It’s crazy having to readjust to life with what actually feels like no shoes. And I’m going to try my absolute best to not buy any new pairs for a while. This could just challenge me to come up with different ways to style my shoes, or I could just become lazy and wear the same pair of black flats all the time. Or, third option, just start dying and re-dying my shoes. lol. We’ll see how that goes.

stripes and triangles7 stripes and triangles4 stripes and triangles10 stripes and triangles11

Skirt- Swatson’s for Zuvaa, Top- SES, Shoes- Primark

Thanks for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your week

Midi Maxi


When your long skirt isn’t quiet long

Hey there lovelies

Hope you are all ok. Its been a while right? As you all know, summer is time for maxi skirts. Personally, I don’t get it, because I think maxi skirts are actually perfect for fall. But anyway, I love me a long flowy  sweep-the-floor-behind-me-skirt, but I have to say, lately I have been loving me anything that is ankle length. I wanted a maxi skirt with a slight difference so I decided to cut me a slightly oval shape that hits at my ankle. I do love this skirt and the nice shape accentuates my non-existent hour glass figure. Plus I needed to make an outfit happen in 5 minutes and with this skirt it was quiet simple. I just added a jumper and heels, et voila!!


Skirt- Swatsons for Zuvaa, Top- Warehouse, Shoes- Ebay. 

Enjoy your week loves, and thanks for dropping by.


Kimono- My African Closet

Inspiration misinterpreted

Hello Lovelies,

Good weather has finally arrived here in London and we are enjoying it, as much as we can anyway. Well, I like me a good lightweight summer cover up and this season, I intend to indulge in sleeveless blazers and kimono style cover ups. That’s where this one came from. I wanted something that would fit nicely in between the two so bye bye long kimono sleeves. I actually over-estimated the fabric for the sleeve extension when cutting out the design and creating the sample, so I ended up with too much fabric, but not too worry, a little folding here and there and a new design is born. Say hello to the short kimono lantern sleeve. lol. Anyway, I needed an easy outfit that looked like I made an effort so I paired it with my always statement making, denim hammer pants and a bold print clutch, and to finish off, strappy wedge sandals that are way more comfy than they look. This whole outfit came together in like two minutes, and we all know I love it when that happens.

Kimono- My African Closet Kimono- My African Closet Kimono- My African Closet Kimono- My African Closet

Kimono- Ankara House, Trousers- Market Find, Jumper- Warehouse, Clutch- PrintCloset, Wedges- Ebay

What are you guys loving for this summer? Do share. And thanks for dropping by. All the best for the week. AJ

Like a caped crusader

Caped Crusader- My African Closet

Minus the flying or actual crusading!

Happy Monday my lovelies

Hope everyone had a great weekend. This outfit is actually about 3 months old, talk about #Latergram. Cape blazers are hot right now and I am totally for them. This whole outfit is actually built around the cape. I wanted too make it the center of attention so I decided to place it against a clean crisp background to let it do all the talking. Then I was feeling too lazy to think about the rest of the look so I just went with blue accessories to finish the look. I feel like what I ended up with is a very clean preppy look with a strong edge, but its not at all dark. Which I like. For most people edgy has to be dark, but I don’t subscribe to that school of thought. Light and colourful always.

Caped Crusader- My African Closet Caped Crusader- My African Closet Caped Crusader- My African Closet Caped Crusader- My African Closet

Cape Blazer- House of Ankara, Shirt- M&S, Trousers- H&M, Bag- PrintCloset, Boots- Ebay

Have a lovely week, a great May and thank you so much for dropping by. AJ

Shorts and scarf

Shorts and Scarf- My African Closet

If you can match your shoes and bags, then………

Happy Monday Lovelies,

If you saw my last outfit post, then you’ll be familiar with this scarf. Anyway,  I designed some culottes with the same fabric a while back, and I basically thought to myself, “hey self, why not wear them together?”. lol. I realise its a bit unusual but I don’t see why you can’t match your shorts to your scarf. I mean really, its like a twist on a 2 piece, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Commooonnnn, it totally is. No? Well, anyway, I like it. And I’m enjoying finding different ways to wear the same scarf. Maybe, I might attempt to style it again for next week. I think I’m loosing my mind about this scarf.

Shorts and Scarf- My African Closet

Shorts and Scarf- My African Closet

Shorts and Scarf- My African Closet

Shorts and Scarf- My African Closet

Shorts- Print Closet (Etsy), Shirt- M&S, Scarf-  Swatsons By CJAJ09, Shoes- Ebay, Bag- Primark,

Necklace- DIY, Coat-  Wallis

Thanks for dropping by. Have a lovely week, and if you don’t already, follow me on Instagram to see more of my work and inspirations, @myafricancloset