Duster Duster


Because I have a long print coat

Hello Lovelies,

Hope you are all. And enjoying the onset of spring. I’m glad to share this slightly different take on a print mix look. Normally, when I mix prints I look for similar patterns or colours. But another great principle to use when mixing prints is to go for one really basic subdued print and use it as a background for a much bolder print. The print on this trousers is very small and repetitive so it doesn’t really pop at all. And I subdued the print even more, by pairing it with a white shirt, making the white background really stand out over the print. With all that white as the background, I could add a much bigger print without causing a clash that is too jarring.


Coat- Ankara House, Trousers- Ankara House, Shirt- Primark, Booties- Ebay

So what do you think, will you be trying this principle? Do share your pictures if yu do, and if you’re not doing so already, follow me on instagram.

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