It’s a love affair


Because yellow has my heart

Hello lovelies,

So if you’ve been following for a while you will be aware of my love affair with yellow. I was invited to host a networking dinner over the holiday season that just passed and as always, I left my outfit till the absolute last minute. This jumpsuit is actually a sample for a new collection that I’m working on, but I was feeling something bold and a little unexpected for a formal evening event and I felt it was just perfect. I absolutely loved the blue details on it. I decided to keep the print details vibe going by pairing it with this cape-ish blazer that was also yellow with print details. The yellows are different shades but they still came together beautifully. Oh, and did you notice the face beat. You guys know that I don’t really wear make up, but I have to give a special shout out to my girls;¬†Angela, Ghislaine and Rhoda for beating my face so beautifully. I can honestly say, I have never felt my self as much as I was feeling myself with this make up on. Now I understand why people love taking selfies so much, I mean when your face is this beat, you just have to take as many pictures as possible. Unfortunately for me, because I was on hosting duties, I wasn’t able to do a proper outfit shoot. Thankfully, my girl Angela took a few shots while we were waiting for our car to arrive and then the official event photographers also captured a few on me during the night so that’s all I have for you guys.


Jumpsuit- Swatson’s Blazer-Ankara House, Shoes- Ebay

Thank you so much for dropping by. Don’t forget to come check me out on instagram. And enjoy your week.


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