I like big trousers

My African Closet

And I cannot lie!!

Hello lovelies.

So if you saw my previous post, then you know we love big print trousers for winter around here. I wanted to share with you another pair that I’ve been abusing this winter. These babies are actually just about a year old, I first made and wore them last new year’s eve, and I just loved them. They are super roomy, which means I can rock a whole other pair of trousers underneath them, and the silhouette of the pants themselves is so cool to me. I actually made these babies in  the style of the traditional Indian salwar pants and I love them. I have been totally abusing them this year and I intend too wear them out in 2016 too. I think it might be time to make myself a few more pairs.

DSCF5566My African ClosetMy African Closet    DSCF5564DSCF5567

Trousers- DIY, Blazer- Ankara House, Shirt- M&S, Boots- Ebay         Bag- Ebay

So, it’s Christmas week. Wow, can you believe it? Anyway, I hope you have a great Christmas, or Hanukkah (well, had in this case) or kwanzaa or whatever else you are celebrating. Lots of love, AJ

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