Fall Palazzo

DSC08776 (1)

Because, cold weather and hidden layers 

Hello Lovelies,

The colder it gets, the harder it is to stay stylish. In the winter, it’s all about layers and stylish outerwear or you freeze to death. But sometimes, I want my actual clothes themselves to be stylish and warm without all the bulk of layers or a huge coat. Which is why I’m currently loving wide leg and palazzo pants. Now normally, these pants are more spring and summer appropriate, but I love that I can rock essentially a whole other pair of trousers, in this case, some thick knit leggings, underneath them and they do not look bulky. This is because, palazzo pants and most other “summer” pants normally tend to be made from quiet lightweight fabric. So if you have a pair that is wide enough, you can rock a totally different pair of trousers underneath and the “summer fabric pants” will just glide over those. Do however look out for pulling around the groin area. That takes care of warmth on your lower body. A thick warm jumper should handle warmth on your upper body, and you’re good to go.

DSC08782 (1)DSC08787 (1)DSC08791 (1)My African Closet- fall styleDSC08777 (1)

Trousers- Ankara House, Jumper- Primark, Shirt- H&M, Booties- Ebay

Thanks for dropping by and have a fantastic week.



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