Kente Koat

My African Closet kente

Feeling like Joseph with the coat of many colours

Happy Monday Lovelies,

So, the end of the year is in sight, can you believe it?I mean, blink and it’ll be Christmas, and then that’s it. This year went by really quick, or is it just me? Anyway, I’m enjoying the onset of colder weather with soe really fun coats and this particular number is coming up on top. I wanted to set it off against a clean background hence the white on white on white, so that this look is really all about the gorgeous kente coat.

My African Closet white on white My African Closet white My African Closet all white My African Closet kente

Coat- Ankara House, Trousers- Ankara House, Top Primark, Booties- Ebay

Have a great week guys and do check me out on instagram, where I’ll be posting pink all week long, for breast cancer awareness. Thanks for dropping by.

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