Made in Africa

Made in Africa- My African Closet

Looking back a bit on where I started 

Happy New Month Lovelies

Hope everyone is having a great summer so far. This outfit is significant to me for two reasons. Firstly because of the tee. Its a sample from a new line I’m working on and is a further push on my style and design ethos of African print meets western style. The second reason why I love this outfit is because for about 3 years in my mid teen years, I lived in blue jeans and white tees. Between having just moved countries, new school, living with my mother for the first time in my life and a whole bunch of other challenges, style just fell out of the window somewhere and l adopted a uniform of jeans and tees. Around 18-19, I decided that enough was enough and I vowed to just totally rid my wardrobe of denim and tees altogether so as to avoid the temptation of falling back into that style rut. Over the years, both items have slowly wormed their way back into my wardrobe, but in very small quantities and they do get hardly worn, and almost never worn together.I’m gad to report that I can now wear both items together and it doesn’t have the same boring feel as it used to have in the old days. Denim and tees is classic, no doubt about that, but it can very easily become boring and unimaginative. I guess its all about proportions, the right accessories and how you style it.

Made in Africa- My African Closet Made in Africa- My African Closet Made in Africa- My African Closet Made in Africa- My African Closet Made in Africa- My African Closet

Tee- House of Ankara, Trousers- Market Find, Bag- Printcloset on Etsy, Wedges- Ebay

Coincidentally, my girl Liza of Yaalia’s fashion sense recently styled a very similar look so do check out her take on the African inspired tee and jeans look. Hope August is good to all of you. Thanks for dropping by. AJ

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