M.O.B- My African Closet

The mother of the bride

Hello Lovelies,

The classic dress and jacket combo, once a wardrobe staple for glamorous ladies of all ages and stages, has now been relegated to nothing more than a mother of the bride look and even in that arena, its starting to fade out of relevance. I do think that is very sad and that’s where the inspiration for this look started. I wanted to design and create a look that was classic and elegant but still had a youthful twist. So I decided the fabric had to be bold and modern and fresh. I love this kente print fabric. Kente, in my mind, is very regal and classic but this particular take on it is very bold and fresh. If you are a long time reader of this blog, you would be familiar with this print as its one I use a lot. See more post with this fabric here, here and here

M.O.B- My African Closet M.O.B- My African Closet M.O.B- My African Closet M.O.B- My African Closet

Dress and Coat- PrintCloset on Etsy, Shoes- Ebay

Hope you all had a great weekend, especially my American family. Hope your 4th July weekend was as amazing as all the posts on instagram looked. Thanks for dropping by.



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