Midi Maxi


When your long skirt isn’t quiet long

Hey there lovelies

Hope you are all ok. Its been a while right? As you all know, summer is time for maxi skirts. Personally, I don’t get it, because I think maxi skirts are actually perfect for fall. But anyway, I love me a long flowy  sweep-the-floor-behind-me-skirt, but I have to say, lately I have been loving me anything that is ankle length. I wanted a maxi skirt with a slight difference so I decided to cut me a slightly oval shape that hits at my ankle. I do love this skirt and the nice shape accentuates my non-existent hour glass figure. Plus I needed to make an outfit happen in 5 minutes and with this skirt it was quiet simple. I just added a jumper and heels, et voila!!


Skirt- Swatsons for Zuvaa, Top- Warehouse, Shoes- Ebay. 

Enjoy your week loves, and thanks for dropping by.

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