Bawse Lady

Bawse-Lady- My African Closet

To womanhood and strength

Happy Monday Lovelies,

I have a very long essay planned in my head to go with this post but I can barely keep my eyes open, let alone think right now so I’ll just say a happy belated International Women’s Day to every female reading this post. We are strong and beautiful, we are smart and gentle, we are leaders and backbones, we are whatever we want to be whenever we want to be it. We have the power to create life and ability to sustain and nurture it. We are WOMEN!!

Bawse-Lady- My African Closet Bawse-Lady- My African ClosetBawse-Lady- My African ClosetBawse-Lady- My African Closet

Skirt- House of Ankara, Shirt- Primark, Bag- PrintCloset, Shoes- Primark, Blazer- House of Ankara

To all the bawse ladies and boss ladies out there. Love from my heart! Thanks for dropping by, my lovelies. Have a brilliant week.


  1. Very inspired now to sew some new clothes using fabrics from my stash of african fabrics. You look lovely in yours.

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