New Start

New Start- My African Closet

Bold fabrics and a simple style

Happy New Year lovelies,

Its been a while huh? Sorry for disappearing without saying goodbye but life got in the way of well…. life. lol

This look for me is really all about the fabrics. When I got this package from Vlisco, I immediately fell in love with the combination of the two fabrics from their Voila! collection. The whole Voila! collection is full of prints, patterns and colours created specifically for the purpose of mixing and matching them to create everyday looks. This collection is basically what I live for, mixing and matching prints. So I was super excited to create a look with the fabrics. I went through a few designs before finally settling on this look. I wanted to play around with the idea of a traditional Ghanaian kaba & slit. A kaba is basically a fitted blouse, sometimes with sleeves and a slit is a straight long floor length skirt, with a vent in the back to allow for movement, sometimes with an extra piece to be worn as a wrap. Traditionally, this style is associated with women of the older generation but over the years, it has been adopted by the younger generation and with that has also meant the style has and is constantly evolving. The simple blouse and long skirt with a wrap style has practically been thrown out of the window, and has been replaced by more complex styles like mermaid skirts of all sorts and gorgeous tops. I wanted to strip back all the new extras and just play around with the old and add a few modern touches. So I went for the simple traditional long skirt and added a bold peplum. And for the top, I decided a simple loose box crop top with short sleeves. The style being very simple allowed the fabrics to just stand out and the overall look was, in my opinion, very simple and striking, all at once. I have to say, on a whole, I love Vlisco fabrics. If you follow me on instagram or twitter, I gush about them constantly and I always use their fabrics in my work.

New Start- My African Closet New Start- My African Closet New Start- My African Closet New Start- My African Closet

Skirt and top- CJAJ09/Me, Fabrics- VLISCO, Bangles- African market.

Hope you guys have had a great start to the new year. Thanks for dropping by and God bless you in this new year. Thanks, AJ.



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