The Kufi

The kufi-My African Closet

The season of exploring Nigerian headgear continues.

Hello Lovelies,

This is the sister, or more appropriately, brother post to this post. In the afore-linked post, i wear a gele for the first time, and in this one i’m wearing a kufi, which is a traditional hat for Nigerian men, normally worn with an agbada or boubou. I know, I know, a lot of words you don’t understand. And to try to explain them would turn into a whole ‘nother story so I’ve just linked then to their Wikipedia pages, which are pretty accurate. I said, pretty accurate, not a 100%, maybe like 95%.The kufi is actually worn throughout most parts of Africa, with slight variations, mostly with different traditional African attires and always by men. There are many different types of kufi. There’s the crown kufi, worn by chiefs and people of status in society, there’s the religious kind, worn by Muslims in prayer and in general and there’s the dress kind, worn for weddings and special occassions and the general kind which one would wear to go about their day to day activities. There are some other kinds, but i’m not too sure about them. So why am I wearing one? Because, the kufi police was off that day so women were allowed for a day, lol. Nah, I kid, I wanted to so I wore one. Loved it and I think I rocked it too.

The kufi-My African Closet The kufi-My African Closet The kufi-My African Closet The kufi-My African Closet

Hat-DIY, Skirt-CJAJ09, Top-Primark- Blazer-Next, Shoes-Primark

OK, lecture over, class dismissed. So ends the series on Nigerian headgear, for now. It may be back soon, you never know. See you next semester. Haha, Just kidding. Have a great week and thanks for dropping by. AJ


  1. I’ve always wanted to rock a kufi. I’ve seen some beautiful one’s here, but since I live in Senegal and they are usually worn men here, esp. imams, I’ve been hesitant to buy for myself out. Maybe I will buy a few for when I travel. I don’t think I’d have the courage to wear them around Dakar!

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