Uniform- My African closetHappy Monday lovelies,

By now, you guys know my default uniform because you’ve seen it many times. When I’m in a hurry or just feeling lazy, I just grab a mixed print skirt, pair it with a shirt or top, in this case my favourite striped top and a banging pair of heels. The reason why I love this look is because due to the boldness of the skirt, you don’t really need much else to make the look pop. I love these mixed print skirts, they kind of just happened out of the bluer and have gone onto become my personal signature and one of the signature pieces of my brand. And of course, the skirts are super easy to style and very versatile. Its just like your usual, black pencil skirt that works everywhere and fits with everything but this one also has gorgeous prints.

Uniform- My African closet


Uniform- My African closet


Uniform- My African closet


Top- S.E.Swatson, Skirt- CJAJ09, Wedges- Ebay

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have a great week and do let me know if you also have a uniform, hate to be the only weird one out here. love, AJ.



  1. I’m glad I came across your blog. I’ve been going through some of your posts and you cover a lot of interesting and useful topics. So I bookmarked it for future references. Unique uniform. It’s very colorful and light to the eyes. The stripes looks good with the colorful skirt even if they don’t seem related in terms of design. In general, I love its uniqueness.

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