Mudcloth Jumpsuit

My African Closet


Hello Lovelies,

I wasn’t sure what would  be a good title for this post so I decided to be lazy and just be really obvious. But something good did come of my lazy attempts because now I get to rant on a little bit. So what is mud cloth? Well, as the name suggests, it is cotton fabric that is woven and dyed using fermented mud. It is native to the people of Mali, West Africa and I want to type the traditional name but some of the letters have accents and I’m afraid that if I may be typing the wrong word without those accents. Mud cloth is actually a very culturally significant fabric to the people of Mali, worn by hunters, women marking certain milestones and more recently by most Malians in general to show a sense of pride in their background. Growing up in Ghana, I saw mudcloth quiet often and I wasn’t even aware of the fact that it wasn’t Ghanaian till much later in life. Mudcloth is worn all over West Africa and of late has become a staple of African inspired interior decor as well, check out this pinterest board to see a few examples of this. The fabric I used for this jumpsuit is not actual mud cloth but a mud cloth print, i.e. a print replicating usual mud cloth designs. Towards the end of last year, I started to really get into mudcloth and had some fun working with the fabric and creating some cool designs. You can see a few of the designs I created in my shop here.

My African Closet


My African Closet


My African ClosetJumpsuit-CJAJ09, Shirt- Primark, Boots- Ebay.

So hope everyone is settling well into the new year, and keeping your resolutions, if you made any. Thank you for dropping by and enjoy the rest of your week.





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