Hey Lovelies

So I read somewhere that the sweatshirt or jumper or whatever you call it is suddenly cool again, all though I’m not really sure when it wasn’t as is always been an active part of my wardrobe. Anyway, I think the thing that is really kool about the sweatshirt this season is that  a lot of them have some really gorgeous embellishments, prints and embroidery, like the Kenzo tiger jumper. On the flipside however, I’m seeing some stupid expensive pricetags that I just can’t wrap my head around so its DIY time. This jumper is from the men’s section in Primark and it took all of 5 minutes to add the heart motif onto it. Cheap, easy and stylish, and very unique to me, Just how I like them.







Jumper- DIY, Skirt (Dress)- CJAJ09, Bag- Thrifted, Shoes- Primark.

My skirt is actually the dress that I’m wearing in this post. Hope everyone is having a good week. Thanks for stopping by

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  1. I admire how you DIYed this sweater – it’s looks ready-made! Love the different colors, prints and fabrics you combined for such a lovely fall outfit.

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