Conservative Provocative



Hey Lovelies,

I spend a lot of my time in church, an environment where women are encouraged to be dressed as modestly as possible so you can imagine that this particular outfit, unlike many others, went over very well….. or not, if you consider the shoes and the red lips and the bold jewelry.  In a way, that’s exactly what I was going for. Ladylike dressing is kool again, with pieces like the midi pencil and full skirts being suddenly very on trend, but the cuts and the styling and extra details are now all about taking these classic modest pieces and making them suddenly very bold and almost provocative. Its a kind of modesty that almost screams.





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Shirt- M&S, Skirt-CJAJ09, Bag-CJAJ09, Shoes-Ebay

In other news, the bag I’m holding in this post is a total lifesaver. It seems these day, I need to carry a lot all the time, so I just throw them all in and just go. Hope you all had a great start to your week, thank you so much for dropping by. AJ

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