Catwalk4change- Backstage



Hey Lovelies,

So a while back I told you about Catwalk4Change, a fashion show to promote diversity in the fashion industry and to raise money for Mind and Macmillan. If you missed that post, go here to check it out. Anyway, the show was a success and such great fun. I have a bunch of pictures to share with you starting with the backstage shots I took with some of the other bloggers who took part in the show.


Getting our faces put on by Illamasqua

IMG_4526 IMG_4542

The look I was originally supposed to wear came out tres scary so I went back to have my cheeks,, eyes and lips redone in warmer shades.


Ambarina  of beauty Passionista and Ruth of  Huffington post


Sabrina Carder of The Young Eccentric. love this girl


Julie of Raining CakeIMG_0027

Josie of Josie loves shoesIMG_0036

Phoebe Rosetta of the Ufab directory in Onitaa London


Above and Below- Some of the bloggers in Annesi Bespoke, one of the designers featured. The lead designer is the lady in the blue blazer above, such a gorgeous person. The girls were styled by BestofBoth BoutiqueIMG_0047



Me and Annette of Hot happenings had a mini shoot after the catwalk, in our own clothes, cos we just had to. lol. we’re bloggers afterall. IMG_0117


Making kissy faces.IMG_4665


Photos courtesy of Fashion Cadet and Sabrina Carder

Had an absolutely fantastic time at the show and made some great friends in the process. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pictures of all the girls here but I’ll try and do another post with runway images and hopefully get everyone then. And also, the designers. Thank you guys so much for your continued support of the blog, which allow me the opportunity to take part in amazing events like this.

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