2 minute outfit



Hey Lovelies,

Every lady has their go to piece or pieces for when they can’t be bothered to think through an outfit. I resort to my arsenal of print skirts and trousers. They are the easiest ways to create an outfit, in my opinion. All you have to do is pick whichever one you like, grab a tee shirt or any top and a simple pair of heels and you’re set. Two minute outfit and absolutely no effort and thinking required from you.  In other news, flare legs and platforms- where is a disco ball when you need one.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????





Trousers- CJAJ09, Shoes- Ebay, Bag-CJAJ09 

In other news, I got this hair done just about a week ago and its already so messy. I’m not very good with taking good care of hair. It was so cute the day I had it done. lol. Anyway, have a fabulous week guys. And thank you so much for dropping by.

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