Over exposed



Happy Monday lovelies,

So fashion wise, yesterday was not a good day. It was cold in the morning so I decided, thinking it was going to stay cold and grey to wear this look that I’ve been waiting to wear for a while. By midday I was boiling hot so I decided to shoot the outfit and then take half of it off, Forgetting that I had turned up the exposure on the camera on Saturday for an indoors shoot. We shot the pictures in all off two minutes and because I was in the middle of  doing something, we didn’t bother to check the pictures then. I only noticed later, at which point, the blazer and neckpiece had been discarded somewhere and the white shirt had grass and ice lolly stains on it (different story all together). Also, my hair just grows in weird shapes. I t was a good summery day, just not a good fashion day for me. So please forgive the picture quality. Hot mess, I know









Skirt- CJAJ09, Blazer- CJAJ09, Neckpiece- DIY, Heels- Heelzsohigh.

Thank you so much for dropping by guys and have a fantastic week. Lots of love

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