Red 4 Change (R4C)



Hey Lovelies,

OK, some news to share and discuss today. First of all who knew that this week is cervical cancer screening awareness week? Cos I only just found out about this yesterday. I’m not sure if this is worldwide or just in the UK, but that led to me to the realization that I don’t actually know that much about cervical cancer so I got researching. I won’t bore you with all the things I found out but I will tell you about this fun project I discovered called The Red Lippy Project, by the Eve Appeal,  which is essentially encouraging women (and some men) to wear red lipstick this week and to post pictures of themselves in their lipsticks on twitter or instagram or facebook or wherever else you can post pictures these days to raise awareness of cervical cancer, with the hashtag RedLippyProject. I encourage you ladies to check out their facebook and Twitter pages and get involved even though the week is almost out. You can also donate money to the Eve Appeal which is working for better detection and treatment of gynaecological cancers. Now you guys know, I don’t need an excuse to wear red lipstick but when there’s such a good cause attached to it, I am super down.

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The other thing I wanted to tell you guys about was a fun project I’m involved called catwalk for change. Blogger friend of mine, Edita of Pret-a-repoter, has teamed up with Angel Sinclair of the Models of diversity campaign and they are putting on a fabulous fashion show to kickstart London Fashion week this September. The theme of the show is Diversity Juxtapositioned, and the money from ticket sales and auction will all go to two charites, MIND (a mental health care charity) and MACMILLAN (a cancer care and support charity). Now here’s the real kick, all the models in the show are bloggers, UK based bloggers and yours truly is one of them. The show is in September as I mentioned earlier and tickets go on sale next month so stay tuned for more updates. I’m definitely looking forward to this.



OK, so I know this blog post is definitely not the usual but I just wanted to share some other stuff close to my heart, apart from fashion so when I got the opportunity to I took it. Normal style posts resume soon. Have a great weekend, thanks for dropping by.

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