Staples and Socks



Happy Monday Lovelies,

This top is a summer wardrobe staple for me. If you’ve been coming around here often, you will recognise it since its one of my favourite tops and its been featured on the blog a few times. Its very bold and it doesn’t need much else to make it standout, but I wanted to style it in a very quirky outfit so I paired it with my hammer pants and orange socks, to up the crazy. There is quiet a bit going on in this outfit but I think it works. I added this bag because I think the colours compliment the top nicely and is a great alternative to a neutral tone, and also, I wanted to keep the orange theme going







Top- CJAJ09, Pants- Market, Bag-CJAJ09, Wedges- Ebay,  Socks- Primark

What do you guys think. too much?? or just enough crazy to make it work??

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by. lots of love, AJ

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