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???????????????????????????????Hey lovelies,

I found this dress a while back tucked in the back of a suitcase. This dress is one of the very first, if not the first, dresses I made when I was learning to sew about 5 years ago. I quite literally cut the pieces out of a maxi dress and sewed them together. It doesn’t look so bad but if you could see the inside and all the pieces and bits tucked away inside it, you would just cry for me. It was great to see this dress and to see how far I have come with my sewing and design but also, I clearly haven’t grown much over the past 5 years cos this dress fit exactly the same way then as it does now. lol.









Dress- Me, Shirt- M&S, Socks- NewLook, Shoes- Primark

So what do you guys think of my first attempts at dressmaking. lol. Thanks for dropping by

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  1. Hey, Ms. MAC! First off, I just found your blog as I am trying to get into the fashion blog world myself, but through the video game community because I’m a gamer! But, lately, I have reeeeeally begun reacquainting my love for the African culture and watching none stop great African films and dramas (If I am able to find any! lol!) and loving the African fashion as well! With that said, I was looking for awesome blogs to follow that specialized in educating me more on African fashion and I found you! I think the dress you made here shows just how skilled you are! I can sew a LITTLE BIT buy to do a whole dress like that is amazing!

    So, I plan to continue reading your blog from here on and maybe it will reinspire me to continue with my own fashion blog! I started it, but fell off with it as I usually do with blogs I try to start and maintain. How embarrassing. LOL! Anyway, again, beautiful job on the dress!

    –BlackEssence ^____^*

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