Happy Monday Lovelies,

As I grow up, I become bolder and that boldness is definitely showing more and more in how I dress. This outfit is “too much”. Too much of the same fabric, too much flare in the pants, the bag is too much extra, just too much. But somehow to me, its the perfect amount. I suppose my “too much threshold” is a lot higher than most. Most people I know wouldn’t put these two pieces together, and a few years ago, I was one of those people. And its not just that my “too much threshold” has grown but I think my cray-centricity (crazy and eccentric, lol) levels has also grown. Don’t believe me?, see last outfit post.





??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????


Top- CJAJ09, Trousers-CJAJ09, Bag- CJAJ09,

Thank you guys all so much for dropping by. Writing this blog has definitely helped my cray-centricity, but I wouldn’t still be writing this blog if you weren’t reading it. Thanks a bunch for joining me on this journey. Hugs and Kisses.

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  1. AJ –
    Love how you mixed & matched it with the clutch! I’d love to own a suit like this, my equivalent would be with the trousers rolled up above the ankle, so I could wear pointy heels with it :):)

    BUT YOU… YOU are rocking this style! xx

  2. You know one of the things I love about your style is that you are not afraid to be yourself. That is beautiful!!! Don’t ever change that. I love this look by the way.

  3. I actually love your boldness to go big and bold. Somehow, it always seems like just the right amount. I think the baby blue is soft and feminine, but still screams confidence. I have been looking forbeautiful African clothing that is well made and makes a statement, but am a lost for where to look. Any advice for online shops? I live in Michigan, I would be grateful on your help with where to look.

    1. Hey Carla,

      Thanks for your compliments. Do check out my online store, where we specialise in gorgeous ready to wear African print clothing, as well as custom individual pieces and we ship worldwide, You can also check out for a directory of designers and online stores dealing with African print.

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