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Happy Monday lovelies,

As you guys know, I’m all about prints, but I don’t normally just stop there. Even though most of the prints I use are quiet bold on their own, I like to design them in fun statement cuts and pieces that would stand out on their own even without prints.  So that if you wear a CJAJ09 my brand) piece, you don’t need much else to just look fab. However,  Occasionally, I come across a print, that in my head is so bold and perfect and makes so much sense that even the simplest of styles look amazing with it. That’s what happened with this dress. I saw the print, and immediately thought, bold but still simple elegance and the dress kind of followed on immediately.  No fuss, no added extra-ness. A simple dress in a bold print that I just want to keep wearing forever. What do you guys think??










Dresses(both mine and hers)- CJAJ09, Her blazer- Topshop, Bag- Wallis, Bangles- African market, Wedges- Ebay.

That’s my girl, Nancy. Its not very clear, but both of our dresses have that V box neckline.

Have a great week guys, and hope everyone is having a great spring so far. Thanks for dropping by.

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