Le Flare & the fall



Happy Monday lovelies,

Was feeling a very mature and tailored vibe this weekend. But it had to be done my own way with the bright printed cascade blazer, which I love. New favourite, and not just because it makes my eyes look like their purple (which might actually work). Just kept the rest of the look toned down to allow it to shine. In other news, I tripped and fell yesterday. I’m sure every girl has nightmares of the day when they fall on their face in public. Well mine was yesterday in church, in front of the whole congregation, not even in the back. Everyone saw it, very interesting. But according to my friends, my recovery was good so its not all bad. Lol.













Blazer- CJAJ09, Flares- Sophia E Swatson, Bag- Primark,  

OK guys, I know I’m not the only who has had a public fall so do share your stories. And have a fantastic week

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  1. Your eyes do look purple! This blazer is amazing on you, the colors are so vibrant and the cut is perfect on you. I’m glad you made a full recovery, that’s the only thing you really can do. I have nightmares (not kidding) about falling in front of everyone since I fell while crossing the street last year (so embarrassing!).

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