Peplum in my step.



Wassup Lovelies,

I have heard a few people saying that they think the peplum trend is overdone and that they wish peplum would go  away. Actually, I heard only one person say that, and it wasn’t hearing as much as it was reading. But that’s not the point. The point is I am totally team peplum. Anything that cinches in a woman’s waist is just fine by me. And I find peplums are an easy way to immediately update and add layers to any simple piece. Instant drab to fab-ness. So I don’t care what people (actually, one person) say. Lol, as you can see, this person’s comments affected me very deeply.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????




Blazer- CJAJ09, Skirt- Asos, Bag- Wallis

Anyway, what do you guys think of peplums??

For those of you guys who are based in London, I want to tell you about this amazing opportunity. An acquantaince of mine is working on a tv show for BBC Three about working in fashion and he is looking for anyone interested in applying for a job as a marketing and PR assistant for a cutting edge high street retailer. The show will follow the candidates as they compete for the final position. Anyone who is interested should just send an email to

Have a great week and thank you for dropping by, commenting and for all the continued love and support.

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