Let it snow



Happy Monday lovelies

So I’m a big fan of lookbook. Not necessarily for inspiration or to keep up with the latest trends but I just love to spend an hour or two scrolling through countless pictures of people in a wide variety of clothing. I can’t say why I love it but I do. Anyway, one of the looks I see on lookbook, pretty much every time I’m on there is the denim shorts, button down shirt (most of the time also denim), and over the knee socks and boots to finish. I won’t necessarily say I am in love with this look but I’ve seen it so often, both on and off lookbook that it is now ingrained somewhere in my psyche. Anyway, I found myself putting together this look, an I have to say I like it cos its very easy and effortless and quite perfect for the snow days we’re having here. In other news, I love snow!!

DSCN8384 DSCN8387








Shirt- Zara, Shorts- CJAJ09, Cardigan- Primark(Men), Socks- Newlook, Boots- Ebay

OK guys, have a fantastic week and thank you all so much for dropping by. All the best. AJ

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