Addictive combinations



Happy Monday lovelies,

Have you ever become addicted to the combination of certain colours or pieces in your wardrobe. I hate to say it but that’s what’s happening with the bag and boots in this outfit. I love both of them so much and in my head they make perfect sense together. I have to say, this bag is quite handy, very gorgeous and has enough space to just throw in all my junk. Its become my grab and go bag of late. And this scarf kept me so perfectly warm whilst I was running errands on Saturday. I’m thinking off making a few more to give as Christmas presents if I get the time.





Top- CJAJ09, Skirt- H&M, Bag- Banane Taipei, Shoes- Ebay, Scarf- Asos Marketplace

Have a great week guys

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  1. I love the individual pieces but together, I think its one too many bold prints. Perhaps without the scarf and the tights and instead, a pink/oxblood belt would make this outfit chic on a whole other level. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the pieces you own, you just have to use them a bit more sparingly.

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