Seven Colours


Happy Monday Lovelies,

So I love Bollywood movies, actually its more of an addiction. Its a guilty pleasure of mine I suppose. So a few night ago, I was watching a Bollywood movie, whilst eating a bag of cheese puffs (also a guilty pleasure/addiction) and one of the premises of the movie was that the heroine was going to meet the love of her life on the beach, and said love would be wearing an outfit constituting seven different colours. So I though to myself,  CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!! I shall wear an outfit that has seven different colours. But of course, I won’t take the easy way out and wear a top that has 5 colours and a pair of pants in one colour and shoes in another colour. NO WAY!!!! I am full of clowning this look. I want to look like I have just been shot out of a rainbow gun. LOOOL. Is this giving you an insight into the madness I call a brain?? Blonde hair excluded however, I think I still ended up with more than seven colours. Anyway, everyone who saw me in this outfit had only one thing to say. “you look very colourful?!”. I’d like to think they were saying that because I was bringing some sunshine into their cloudy days, and not because they were just being polite about how crazy I actually looked. Its a good thing I don’t currently own a full length mirror because if I had seen my self fully in this outfit before I left the house, I would have gone all Coco Chanel, and tried to take one or in this case five colours off.  





Skirt- CJAJ09, Booties- Ebay, Bag-Asos, Beanie- DIY

Well, what do you guys think, is this one challenge that should have stayed in the Bollywood movie or is this madness totally brightening up your day??Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

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