Hello Lovelies,

Last week Thursday was the Cosmo blog awards party, and unfortunately, your girl didn’t win (boo-hoo), but I just wanted to share as much of the night as possible with you guys. I had originally put together a fun little video but my laptop crashed last night and I lost it (even  bigger boo-hoo) so get ready for a bit of a picture overload instead. Enjoy

with louisa of Afroblush, and the lovely Shope & Shore from London’s closet.

Lulu Trixabelle  (winner of my category) and Sheree of GritznGrime

With Edyta of Pret-a-reporter and Laura of Honey and Milk. 

Lashes done by Lash Perfect


Natasha from Girl in the lensGlitter tattoos by Vita Liberata

With Seonaid of Beauty and baggage after getting our lashes done!!


I wanted to say the biggest thank you to all of you guys for all the love and support you’ve shown this blog. We found out on Thursday that, initially 35,000 blogs were nominated so to have even made it down to the top 50 shortlisted blogs is an absolute honour. Thank you all so much for reading and nominating and commenting. You guys are the best and it really feels great to be part of such a fantastic community. Love you all AJ

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