Wide legged

Happy Thursday lovelies,

Please ignore the angry face and eyes, I was very tired when we were shooting. When I’m going through periods of “style laziness”, like I am now, I tend to take things out of my wardrobe and just throw them together, because I don’t have the time, or just can’t be too bothered to dress up. Its at times like this that I am glad for my superpower, The ability to get dressed in the dark. Lol. Well actually, its not really a superpower, its more a well edited wardrobe. I am very big on stocking a wardrobe with pieces that are not only versatile and interchangeable, but also stand well on their own and don’t need much styling.The wide legged trouser, is one such piece for me. Its a great all season piece that can work well with anything from a tee through, a nice feminine blouse or a button down shirt to a blazer. It works for all occasions and at the right length, you won’t have to worry too much about shoes as they will be covered up. Its almost the perfect trouser. And with neutral colours like black, or even grey, you can get extra wear . They are a must have for every wardrobe.

Top- CJAJ09, Trousers- Primark (Altered), Shoes- Heelzsohigh, Jewelry- Thrifted and market, Sleeve- Accessorize.

In case you’re wondering, the prints are on the top, mostly on the neckline of the top. I know, its a lot less than usual, but I do believe they say sometimes, less is more. I don’t know who they are or even why they say it but they do. LOL. In other news, I just love this necklace. I’m off to bed now. Have a great rest of the week guys and thanks for dropping by!!

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