Little girl Sunday

Hey Lovelies,

Style is self expressive. And this outfit was a perfect illustration of that. These past two weeks have been hectic. After a very tiring, excessively messy but extremely enjoyable week, I woke up yesterday morning and just felt like going back to my childhood and leaving behind adulthood for a while. Now am I the only who ever gets these kinds of feelings. Unfortunately, life allows no such breaks so instead, I put on this outfit. I just really wanted something fun and playful, but still clean. Have had this dress for a while and I’ve never worn it because its always felt very young and very girly, but it fit my mood perfectly on Sunday. To finish it all off, some pink lips, because what little girl does not like pink. I may not have actually been able to retreat to my childhood but at least in this look, I could pretend for a while.

Dress- CJAJ09, Tights- H&M, Wedges- Ebay, Earrings- Primark.

Well, have a great week. And thank you all for the continued love and support, and feel free to leave links to your blogs so I can check y’all out. AJ

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  1. I love that dress! You look like you stepped out of Alice in Wonderland (and I mean that as a compliment). Happy 4th of July 🙂

  2. Loving those tights (: And i really love what you wrote in this post – it’s crazy how all our childhood we want to become adults … and once we become adults, all we want is to remember our childhood!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

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