Short and sporty

Hello Lovelies,

My bad hair year continues. And so I’m coming up with new ways to cover it up every day. And now I’ve turned to visor hats that were formerly part of friends’ work uniforms. Its not that I’m lazy about my hair (that’s a total lie, I am super lazy about my hair), its  more that I just haven’t had the time to do my hair (I have time, I just prefer to spend it doing other stuff, and then I go around looking like a mad woman, with bad bad hair). I think I should just return to the shaved head. It was much easier when all it took was a bi-weekly 30 minute trip to the barbershop. Anyway, enough about my hair. You guys must be getting used to my unnecessary rants by now. the hat was the starting point for this outfit. After deciding to wear the hat, I wanted the rest of the outfit to be a bit sporty, so I thought shorts. Initially I was going to wear a tee, but I decided to go with this shirt instead. The whole look was finished off with a parka which I forgot to photograph because I was feeling a bit warm and I took it off.

If these shorts were a skirt, this would have been a very bad situation.

Shirt- CJAJ09, Shorts- CJAJ09, Boots- Ebay, Bangles- Africa.

Well, hope you enjoyed enjoyed my take on sporty style. And have you a great week. AJ

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  1. Lol on your rant, I love the shorts and boots. Such a colourful outfit it feels very “happy” 😉 great 4 summer!

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