Few of my favourite things II

Wassup Lovelies,

Hope everyone had a very good weekend. Of course those here in England are enjoying a 5 day weekend as part of the Queen’s diamond Jubilee celebrations, so its still basically Saturday. Of course, being self employed, this doesn’t really mean much, but yaay anyway. Onto this outfit, this look combines a  few pieces in my wardrobe that I am just loving at the moment. The skirt is just gorgeous in my eyes. Most of the time, I love my work, but every now and then, I finish making a sample and I want to wear it immediately, and that’s what happened with this skirt. As soon I finished the last stitch, I was making plans on where and when to wear it. I just love how the prints blend in so well with each other and the shape.  And this knit, which I thrifted. I have been looking for one like this forever and then just when I was giving up, I saw tthis just hanging there and it was so ridiculously cheap. I swore I heard bells in that moment. Lol. And then of course, there is my current favourite wedges. My monster shoes. I love how everyone who sees me in them always asks if I’m not scared of falling over. I can’t tell you the number of times, I’ve had to explain that actually, they feel just like normal wedges. Unfortunately, I hate the bag in this look. It was a last minute purchase, bought in a moment of desperation when I really needed a black bag to throw all my stuff in and run. But it was ridiculously cheap so I’m not too mad. I think I’ll just using for running basic errands. Now let me stop this long essay. P.s. ignore the messy hair. I’m having a bad hair year.

Skirt- CJAJ09, Shirt- Zara, Bag- Primark, Shoes- Ebay, Earrings- Topshop, Knit- Thrifted, Necklace- Thrifted.

Well, have a great week guys. And thanks for dropping by. XO


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