Creeping in white

Hey lovelies,

So you remember in my last post I was gushing over how I loved my DIY  platform vans and how they had inspired me to get some real creepers, well here they are. I found these on ebay for an unbelievable price. I wanted some higher platforms but I simply could not locate a higher pair that wasn’t all black so I went for this height instead. The creepers formed the basis for this outfit. I wanted to play with a background of white topped off with an array of different colours. That’s one of my rules of print mixing, try to find different prints against one neutral base colour.  I love that the rest of this outfit is super girly but it still works very well against the loafers, which are not at all feminine. What do you guys think???

Yep, my brother’s kept throwing his rugby ball at me so I decided to remind my self of those days when I played sport and pose with it. After that……….. I tried levitating!!! Yup, I really can fly.

Wearing Top, Skirt and clutch all from CJAJ09, Creepers from Ebay, earrings from Topshop

Well, have a lovely week y’all. And I really do promise that regular posting resumes now. Workload has lightened, temporarily.Thanks for stopping by and for your constant support. And thanks to the lovely Jena of FashionDIY101 for the versatile blogger award. You guys totally need to check her out for some amazing DIYs.

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