Clown Shoes

Hey Lovelies,

Hope everyone is having a good week. sorry for the slow down in posting over the past 2 weeks. Its been a bit crazy and finding time to take and edit pictures has been quiet hard but hopefully, it will calm down soon. A while ago, I saw this video on youtube about how to add platforms on to vans and decided to try it out with a pair of old trainers I had lying about. I must say, I love the end results, its like walking on foam. I honestly wanted a pair of creepers for a long time but I just wasn’t sure it would fit me but after this DIY, I immediately went on ebay and got a pair of loafer style creepers. You guys will see them soon.

The thing I love about this look is that it shows how one little detail can dramatically transform an outfit. Had I worn this look with a pair of high heels or even flats, it would have been so feminine and classic, yet with these platforms, the look is immediately edgy and almost punkish. I just love that. Unfortunately, these platforms won’t be getting worn much. The glue I used isn’t very strong so I have to pace these babies out if I want them to last long.

P.S. The prints are on the platforms

Well, gotta go. Sorry about the long essay, trying to make up for lost time. Have a great week. And thank you guys all so much for the love. comments and for dropping by. XOXO AJ

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