Nice Car.

Hey Lovelies,

So I named this blog post nice car because the owner of the car made me promise to acknowledge the car on my blog, whilst we were taking these pictures. This is the outfit I wore to my friends’ baby christening last weekend. I noticed, looking through these pictures, I have a very goofy and very toothy grin. I think I like it. And from the right angle, i have a cleft chin, when I laugh (see above pic). lol. I definitely like that. Its like I’m rediscovering my face all over again. I am sorry that this is now just turning into an irrelevant vanity rant. I’ll stop now. So….. how’s everyone’s week going so far?? lol

Mixed Print dress from CJAJ09.

Just before I go, wanna say a big thank you to all you guys for the love, the clicks and the sweet comments on my last post. My friends and I really appreciate it and I love you guys for actually spending time on this blog and partaking in my madness. Thanks

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