Currently Loving- TERRA FIRMA by Mina Evans

As You guys know, I don’t normally post look books but I just fell in love with this collection as soon as I spotted the email in my inbox. I have been a fan of Mina Evans since her debut collection and have even featured one of her dresses in a Style it Saturdays post. The thing I love the most about this collection is the tie dye tones and the use of blue to contrast the tie dye orange/yellow shades. Just gorgeous. The whole collection is so glamorous and Elegant, which I feel is what this brand has so far been about. I just love it.And I hope you guys feel the same way about it. Oh, and isn’t the model just gorgeous?! Enjoy. And I think I’m going to start featuring more look books from designers I love.


Dubbed “Terra Firma” a Latin word meaning “firm or solid ground”, the collection intricately incorporates the tie dye technique creating a luxurious marble effect accentuated with beads imported from the Czech Republic. The collection is inspired by the Earth with dominant base tones of orange, beige, mustard and brown. Splashes of teal and white are added for softness throught the use
of raw silks and chiffons. Pieces in the collection include elegant form fitting dresses and separates with impeccable detailing using handpicked embellishments; a signature of the brand. The collection has been carefully designed to ensure a beautiful marriage of elegance
and simplicity without compromising on style and glamour; another signature of Mina Evans.
“Terra Firma” marks another milestone for the luxury brand which is steadily building a reputation as a brand to be reckoned with within the African fashion milieu. Mina Evans-Anfom, creative director and founder of the brand states “we have worked very hard; from intricately tie dyeing on luxury cotton to achieve our desired color tones, to handpicking embellishments that add another dimension to our pieces. With
“Terra Firma”, we wanted to be influenced by natural Earth and also wanted to show that we are solidly building our foundation.”
The collection will certainly appeal to women who ooze elegance and glamour but yet are not afraid to be simple and stylish

Sorry about the picture overload guys. I was initially going to post only my favorite pieces abut that proved impossible. I love the whole collection. What do you think? Love it as much as I do?? Check out more of her work on their website or follow on facebook

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