Metal Details

I have a very bad habit of abusing particular pieces in my wardrobe every now and then. Am I the only one who does this? You know when you just wear the same thing over and over again, in as many different outfits as possible, sometimes because you really love it and sometimes because you’re just being really lazy. The latter is what is happening with the shoes and bag in this picture. Thing about this pair of shoes is that it just makes sense with everything, making it so easy to just abuse it. I must stop. I think, i’ll just hide them under my bed or something, so I can forget about them for a while. LOL, all that was just really unnecessary. You didn’t need to know that

Favorite thing about this outfit is the earrings and the skirt. Wanna guess why?? Yep, RED! But I’m also loving the metallic detailing on the lace part of the skirt. I basically chose my jewelry based on just the bottom of the skirt.

Skirt by CJAJ09, Jumper from H&M, Shoes from  New look, Necklaces and bangles Thrifted.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.





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