Style it Saturdays- Blazing

Hey Lovelies.. As you will know from just a glance at this blog, I love my blazers. I think they are just great, versatile, can easily be dressed up or down and all round, a must have for every wardrobe. I have of late been abusing one blazer in particular so in this weekend’s style it post, I decided to do a three way outfit post/styling session in one go. What do you guys think?


Look 1- Day formal. 

I think the most use I’ve gotten out of my blazers is in this vein. They are a great way to make even the tiniest dresses and shortest skirts appropriate for day, especially in office settings. Its a great cover up, and I personally feel it adds an almost powerful and slightly serious layer to any outfit. Its like the seriousness of a suit. Also, in formal setting where dark and neutral colors seem appropriate, a blazer is a great way to add a little bit of color to an outfit. Its a great piece to have fun with but still be serious. For my look I added the tights to keep it demure and to balance out the short skirt, but I find it adds to the femininity of the cinched in waist on the blazer as well.

Blazer- See by Chloe via the Outnet

Skirt by CJAJ09

Shoes from New look

Tote from the fashion bible.

Look 2- Day Casual

This outfit is really for when I can’t be bothered to make an effort. I love the casual feel of this plaid blazer. I really want it actually, but that’s not the point. Blazer with boyfriend jeans is casual and effortless but can also be very sexy when done right. As you can see from my look, I wore a plaid shirt underneath my blazer, but if you want my advice, A white button down shirt or a nice tee is always best with this look. Loafers and brogues are a perfect finish to this casual look but go for a heeled pair to balance out the boyishness of the rest of the look. Finish it all of with some colored lipstick so you look like you tried.

Jeans by Diesel

Blazer from

Satchel from New look

Shoes from Aldo

Look 3- Formal evening

Out of the three looks, this is my favorite look. When you think evening wear, you don’t normally think blazer, but actually, A blazer is a great way to add another dimension to a plain evening dress. It can add a little bit of extra va-va-voom, for lack of a better word and keeps you warm, especially if you need to be outside, which was the best thing about this outfit for me, when I wore it. I was warm, and stylish the whole time. Ever been in a formal situation where the dress code is very particular in terms of colors of maybe even shapes, a blazer is a great way to add a bit of leeway. So you wear your long nude dress as is required and then you add an orange blazer, for fun and for another layer. And you did not break the rules. Everyone is happy, and more importantly, you look good, and different. I have to say, I love the scalloped edging on this top shop blazer. So sophisticated and still playful.

Dress by Halston Heritage

Blazer from Topshop

Shoes from Topshop

What do you guys think? Which one of these looks would you absolutely wear?? Or not?? How do you normally rock your blazers

Look out for next weekend’s style it post, which has one of my blogger besties guesting. I’m looking forward to that!!!

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