The other year

This is actually the outfit I wore on new years eve. I always wear white on new years eve. Its something my grandmother used to do and even though she never really insisted that I do it, I love having that and the symbolism of it so I do it every new year’s eve. I haven’t yet managed to wear just head to toe white though. I always end up mixing in a few other colors and patterns.

As you will know from just one visit to this blog, I  love my prints and patterns. I find a great way to mix many prints and patterns is to go for a foundation of one color. A neutral is always best. The foundation color is a great way to ensure there is a uniformity throughout the whole outfit so you don’t just end up looking like a clown. So if you choose different prints and patterns that all share a similar color foundation, you should be fine. Blazer is thrifted, Pants by CJAJ09, Shoes are a DIY.

Hope everyone is enjoying and making the most of the new year so far. I have just been working my butt off on some fun and exciting projects that I can’t wait to share with you guys. Hopefully sooner rather than later. Have a great rest of the week guys.

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  1. Oh. My goodness. Those pants. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANT.
    You are fearless… perhaps certifiably eccentric… but in the BEST way! I love it. LOVE it.
    god bless you in 2012!

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