Pink wings

Have you ever come across people who comment on your dress sense as though they expect you to change for them?? Most of the time I welcome critiques and discussions on both my work and my dressing. My friends and family as well as you guys (well, I hope you guys) know that I am very open to critiques and opinions on my looks and my work. In fact I take a lot of these critiques into consideration  when I design clothes. My problem starts when people get personal. When I wore this outfit yesterday, someone took it upon themselves to tell me that they hate the fact that I’m wearing heels with sock. Generally, I’m like OK, that’s your opinion, now lets move on. But yesterday, this person (and this isn’t the first time they’ve done this) kept insisting and repeating them self, as though they expected me to take off my socks just so they could be comfortable. I was very tempted to tell them to shut up and mind their own business. As unbelievable as it may be to you, I dress up for myself and I’m quiet comfortable with my madness, GET OVER IT!!!! Any of you ever find yourselves in similar situations and what do you normally do?? Sorry about the essay, just needed to get it off my chest.

Now that the pleasantries are all done, lol, I love this cape. And i’m having a lot of fun with my hair. I was very tempted to do a shot with me tossing my hair but I fought the urge, which wasn’t easy, by the way. Anyway Cape is from CJAJ09.

Well, week before Christmas. I bet y’all are shopping like crazy. I have neither the time, nor the strengtgh, nor the money to. So i’m just making a few pressies instead. Well enjoy your week

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  1. I have none a person like that. I pay negative people no mind, misery loves company.

    I think you look great, I think the socks complete your look. 🙂

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