This is hands down one of the most feminine and mature looks I’ve ever worn. I didn’t really notice it until I was looking back over these pictures. I can’t pinpoint exactly what is is about this look, but I look almost good housewife-ish. Maybe its the dress, or the hair style, which I’m still not sure I like. But I love the absolute overall look.


I love the exposed back on this dress, I love exposed backs in general. They are a fantastic way to show skin and make a look sexy but still demure and classy. And wardrobe malfunctions are fewer with bare backs than they are with short skirts and cleavages. And this look just felt incomplete without the tights, I guess I was just really feeling  modest sexy glamour. Dress is from CJAJ09.

Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead. How’s Christmas preparations going? I’m not really doing much this year so let me live through you guys. Thanks for stopping by

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  1. You’re the most fashion forward housewife ever in this look! You styled it perfectly (as usual) and managed to look slim and chic while rocking a bubble skirt, not an easy task. The vibrant pattern is perfect to combat the winter blues and the low back is the perfect amount of sexy.

  2. The print on the dress is really nice and vibrant. Nothing wrong with showing a different style…as long as it’s still you. And this is still you with the exposed back and the contrast bag. Meanwhile, I have no Christmas preparations.

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