Rainbows after the rain

If you’ve been coming round here for a little while, you would have noticed that I love my suits and my tailored looks. This is the latest addition to my collection. Thrifted by my mother, who is the queen of thrift, by the way. I just did a little nip and tuck on the pants and they were good to go. I love it and I’m looking forward to abusing it some more.

I love how there are so many colors at play in this outfit, its almost clownish, but somehow in my head, it all totally makes sense. Shows you what the inside of my head is like. I just wanted to play round with colors against the background of the neutral suit. So I went for a colorful top and chose my accessories to just play off the colors on the top. Top is from CJAJ09, Shoes are a DIY, original black shoes used from Dorothy Perkins. Yh, these days when I get bored, I paint shoes.

I pray everyone has a great week and thanks for stopping by. Stay beautiful guys. xoxo

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  1. You did an amazing job of livening up the neutral suit! I always shy away from neutrals on larger pieces of clothing (like a dress or a suit), because I worry that I will look washed out or drab, and you’ve proven me wrong!!! Love it!

  2. I lovelovelove how you incorporate African items to your outfits. Giving it a modernized take. Discovered you and your blog through your feature on Inez 360.

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