Old Faithful.

Happy Monday Guys. I loved wearing this outfit. Simple, no fuss and I love the orange. I wasn’t feeling very well yesterday, so I couldn’t be bothered to dress up but the orange brightened up my day, and my back has been acting up lately so I thought to wear flats, just as a safety precaution. I do feel like this outfit is quiet timeless and chic, like Audrey Hepburn or some other old Hollywood star on an off day. A great idea for an off day outfit is to just go for a clean palette and add color via your accessories. Gorgeous, not too much effort and you’ll still standout.

I am totally feeling peg leg pants at the moment. I find they’re much easier to dress up. With most other kinds of trousers, I’m very specific about length, long enough to cover my heels without breaking. But with peg leg pants, I am all over the awkward length. I think they are great, whether dressed up or down. Ladies, go find you a pair. Pants from Jaeger London, Bag from CJAJ09. Shoes from Ebay.

Have a great week guys and thanks for stopping by.

By the way, my shop is having a little giveaway over on The African Fashionista’s blog. Click here to check it out and enter if you want.

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